Don't Let the Great Book in Your Head Become a Disappointing Book in Your Hands
A few Words from just a few of our Authors...
Ed Rush
 There’s no one on planet earth who’s better at teasing your best content out of your head for your book.

If you want to write a book, give it a shot. But if you want to write a GREAT book, call Jim House!!! 

If you're looking to create something you can be absolutely proud of, something that you'll be able to share with your kids and you're grandkids, something that will represent you and your business and your brand, then you should really consider talking to Jim. 

He’s busy and he’s not cheap, but he’s the master at creating world class books. 

The 21 Day Miracle was the #1 Bestselling book on ALL of Amazon in the country of Inda for 14 days straight—outselling ALL of the millions of books sold on Amazon.

Dr. Matt
One of my biggest fears in writing my book was that someone would read it and say “where is this going?” like so many of the books that I’ve read. I’m on a mission to help people wake up to the truth of who they are and make a difference in the world. All ego aside, I knew that if my book was not well constructed, my mission would rot on the vine like grapes in late October. That scared me because it meant my mission and service in the world was in jeopardy.

That’s why I called Jim.

I have endless inspiration and creativity. The ideas just flow forever, but I knew that if I didn’t have the right structure to capture those ideas I was in real trouble. Books are expensive to write, and not just financially, but emotionally, energetically and time expensive as well. I knew that if was going to do it I needed help.

What I found working with Jim is that he really helped me dial in the architecture of the book. I wanted to take my reader through an arc of recognizing the hero’s journey (in a spiritual sense) in their own lives. I knew that would need to be done very well to not be boring, confusing or come across as trite or contrived. Jim really helped to identify where this endless collection of ideas in my head needed to go on the page.

Before I started working with Jim I had a lot of resistance to actually writing because I didn’t have the structure to overlay the ideas on. After our work together the words started to come easily. Because of this, I think that Jim saved me, easily, 6 months of procrastination and “resistance” time in this writing process. And who knows, maybe I would have been one of the thousands with half a book in the drawer that never saw completion or the light of day.

As we speak my book is going through line edits with a publisher that is a leader in the field I am writing about and I should have a physical copy in my hands in 6 weeks (wow, that’s exciting to say).

Jim was brilliant at seeing my vision and helping me get that vision into a frame that I could then fill out with all the actual writing. He’s a hell of a good guy, a ton of fun and really, really damn good at what he does. If any of what I’ve said strikes a chord with you, you owe it to yourself, your book and your future readers to have a conversation with this man.
Working with Jim House has been a deep process of personal empowerment. 

In the past I was clear I had something to share and that I wanted to write a book yet I had no idea how. My thoughts were disorganized, my knowledge felt limited and I had little faith in my capacity to pull of it off. 

Working with Jim gave me the ability to find the deeper purpose in my message and articulate it effortlessly. 

He helped me to not only organize my thoughts but also skillfully guided me to bring out the well of wisdom that was already within me. I could never have reached that place without him. 

His techniques and ability stay present with my intention allowed me to access the soul of my book and bring forth the structure with clarity and ease.

Jim House is a master, I'm profoundly grateful for his support."
Working with Jim House was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! It was as if he reached into my brain, downloaded all of my experience and expertise and then assembled all of those disparate ideas and jumbled feelings into a coherent, impactful summary of my life's work. 

I imagine being kidnapped and brain-probed by aliens feels something like this. I've never felt so, understood, safe, and confident than when working with Jim. 

This monumental and intimidating undertaking of writing my first book was transformed into a simple list of pre-scripted daily writing assignments that will certainly yield a completed book I know will be well received and that I'll be proud of. 

Going through Jim's thought exercises as he constructed my book was one of the most relaxing yet mentally draining processes I've ever been through. Like most people, I presumed writing a book would take me about two years. Jim had me construct 90% of it in two days! He left me in New York confident I could fill in the chapters in less than two months.

At the end of our days together I was more entranced with trying to understand how he does his magical (alien?) techniques than I was with my own book. Then, I was a little sad because my true new friend had left to start his process again in South Carolina. I'm infinitely grateful and couldn't recommend a coach of any kind more highly than Jim House.

I'm eternally grateful to Jim and excited to send him my first hard copy soon (don't tell my mom)
Bestselling Author of over 3 Million paperback books sold. 

Yeah, yeah, you know that Jim is an expert on books and publishing, but what sets Jim apart is two things. First, his boundless creativity. (Geez, I’ve sold 3 million self-published books and been on Oprah, and Jim has astounded me by suggesting some strategies that had never occurred to me.) 

And second, his absolute commitment to helping people create quality books. (And I mean great books, not simple quickly batted-out cheapie Kindle books.) 

I wish I had Doctor Who’s time machine so I could bring Jim back to 1991 when I wrote my first book. He would have shortened my learning curve by two years, and he would have helped me sell another million or two books!”
Julie Anne 

Jim is exceptional at knowing what is going to resonate with my target audience. 

His process guided me easily to the most valuable points in my message and helped me to focus on that. 

You are truly doing the work God put you here to do and I'm honored to be your friend and your client.

For years I’ve been longing for this! 

Honestly, I know my content. I have an abundance of content--more than enough knowledge, wisdom and experience that has been floating around inside of me--without structure. And translating all that into a book has felt overwhelming, like… Here, go learn Chinese--without a teacher or an app!

Taking everything that’s in me, laying it out and organizing it into a clear structure that makes sense as a book, that readers grasp and it makes sense from as they go through it… I felt completely lost.

Fortunately, it all came together under the masterful guidance of Jim House… aka The Book Carver.

“Working with Jim House is a delightful experience. An experience filled with direction, definition, delineation, and even a little drama, which helps the journey move along faster and easier with confidence, clarity, and consistency.  

One’s book always starts with the audience and the message. And that is what Jim’s process is exceptionally good at doing, helping the author get centered on what is to be covered and to whom it is to be conveyed.  

Under Jim’s direction, an author is given a customized process to lay out each chapter, its content, and it close in a concise, consistent, and crisp fashion. In a writer’s head, a book is easy. In one’s heart, a burning desire. And in one’s completion, a work of joy. Through Jim’s watchful care and engaging encouragement, it is never a disappointment in one’s hand.”


I spent two amazing VIP days with Jim, and I'm on fire!

I started to get really attached to the content that I had already written, and it starting to feel like my baby, but I had no clue how to organize my thoughts.

Jim was able to give me a completely different perspective--I now have an organizational structure that I'm really excited about! It feels like I dumped a whole load of laundry on the floor, and it's great laundry, but it was in a big heaping mess. 

And now I feel like Marie Kondo came in and folded all the socks perfectly for me!  

It's still my content--it's still my baby--but it's presented in a way that is appetizing and appealing! 



I had some fear around whether I was qualified to write a book. 

You led me through that and made me feel strong-- without the fear of being misunderstood or not taken seriously.

Just completed 2 intensive VIP Days with my book mentor Jim House The Book Carver--1on 1 deep dive into what wants to be birthed through my first book.
Together, we pulled content from inside me and mapped out the structure. It’s super exciting!

One of the many things I love about receiving Mentorship is that (given you’ve chosen a great one) they can see and reflect back to you your levels of greatness that you haven’t fully seen and owned in yourself.

Jim did this for me in ways that were very necessary.

I choose my mentors wisely.
High-level only, please.
I’m here to play a high level game.

 There is no way I would attempt to do this alone = Seriously bad chess move.  
It’s too important.

We got so much done in just 2 full days. These last 2 days were exhausting, inspiring, mind blowing and so incredibly helpful in the best ways.

Jim is the real deal!! He has a way of holding a mirror to your soul and reflecting your brilliance back like a lighthouse to the world... Don't procrastinate any longer.... HIRE JIM!!

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